♏ Forecast of the stars for Scorpio this Thursday at the Crescent Moon – November 28, 2019

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Signo de Escorpião Foto: Arte Portal Canaã

Hello, Scorpios. You can follow this space your astral climate for this this today, November 27, 2019 . Join and leave your opinion. Please note that you are the Scorpio Zodiac watch below.

Your Climate Astral day

People supersaturated in your environment you haywire. Insulate yourself from work. Your body needs flexibility, you will feel better physically. Let calm arrive, you are very tense.


Any assignment arises in your environment, you should avoid it. Be patient…


Focus again on your priorities related to home, it is a good time to take action toward your goals.


You will quickly find problems late. Her performance surprised its employees.


His friendships will help you focus your loving relationship in a more positive perspective. You will have more complicity with your partner, the exchanges are in a good time.

Some information about your sign

Scorpio Polar Star sign: Capricorn
Ruling Planet sign: Pluto
sign of Element: Water
sign of the Stone: Opal, Agate Fire
sign Scents: cedar, red geranium
Metal sign: steel or iron
sign flowers: geranium, rhododendron
colors Star sign: dark red and brown
Angel sign of the Guard: Azrael

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